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  1. @LaughingQuoll bluedeath screen iphone 5s 9,2 how can i fix it ?

  2. RT @tihmstar: Just arrived in paris and the first thing happens is that police has to search everyone’s stuff in the bus, cuz s.o stole a g…

  3. @emilavara how can we transfer our phurcase from your repo to Cydia ?

  4. @emilavara hi bro, Is there any way for those who bought Fuji from yourepo to get it on Cydia phurchases?

  5. @emilavara thank you for your response!! I fix it and i love it!!

  6. RT @RedditJailbreak: [Discussion] My girlfriend thought I was cheating on her because I had LocationFaker active, so she went to where… htt…

  7. I'm using YouTube ++ for iOS by @unlimapps to add new features to YouTube!

  8. RT @CPVideoMaker: I am loving #3DSwitcher2 by @coolstarorg!

  9. RT @tihmstar: So yea, downgrade to 10.2 by abusing noncecollisions in iOS 10.3b1 works fine

  10. @limneos Ευχαριστώ για το like Limneos..!